Current titles that I am working on, and hope to publish shortly.


It is the future - far into the future, when Earth is a distant memory of how not to look after your planet.  Mankind has spread across the galaxy through a programme of colonisation. Contact with the old planet Earth is lost, but there is something far more worrying to think about.

One by one, remote colony worlds are invaded and destroyed by a mysterious red-clad army. Streams of captives are led back to the waiting ships and removed to be taken somewhere else.

Men and women, boys and girls separated as soon as they hit the ramps, destined for very different futures.

The men are to become the red-clad soldiers, with their minds virtually wiped, so they know not pain or fear.

The women face a wholly more gruesome and terrible destiny

For behind the series of invasions are a very old race, almost as old as time itself. They are dying, so need human females to bear their offspring in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their race.

Their race?

The name would mean nothing to us. They are almost human, in that they are bipeds, like us, but their red skins, cloven hooves and horns give their appearance a hauntingly familiar look.

Young Carl is a teenager on the latest planet to fall victim of the alien invasion fleet. Too young to fight, he remains with his mother as their defences are shattered. At her urging he wears the clothes of his sister so he can remain with her for as long as possible, or until the ruse is discovered.

However, the deception appears to succeed, as he is taken aboard the transport ship. He is forced into a cryo-pod for the FTL trip, unaware that there are specific internal gender attachments for each pod.

He wakes up screaming, naked and covered in blood, some of it his own. Around him are dead bodies, hundreds of them. As panic and terror sets in, a voice draws his attention upwards.

"If you want to live, girl, give me your hand!"

Carl wants to live, so allows the stranger to lift him clear of the fiery pit. Only then does he discover how much his life has changed.

With a little bit of help from her mysterious benefactor, Carla begins to fight back, like a rat beneath the aliens' skirting board......

NOW AT 40,000 words....



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